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Hotel for Health

I was feeling down, I have arthritis in my knees and I was in pain. This condition was draining my spirit, I wanted a guiding light for my health and wellbeing. Abide was like a hotel for health and I’ve not needed any pain killers since I came  here.

- Pablo

Abide gave me
my life back!

I needed a complete change. My life had come to the point that I didn’t care anymore. I was so stressed that my hair started falling out. My marriage was in trouble. I had stomach pain and started having blackouts. My doctor even said that I was self-destructing…the depression program really attracted me…it was unbelievable, It’s so peaceful and tranquil.

- Bronwyn


Just What I Needed

Abide Health Retreat is so relaxing and tranquil. It’s just what I needed.

I never realized how good vegan food can taste. It was very good!

- Jason


The Perfect Place

There are many facets as to why Abide is so good, the caring staff are fantastic—they are helpful and supportive, I love the walks and great food. To me it’s the perfect place to stay.

- Alan

Chronic Fatigue

After 15 years of severe fatigue and many doctors and naturopaths, my fatigue is very mild now, my digestion is returning to normal, and my aches and pains are minimal. The Health Lectures and Cooking Workshops have helped me cater for all my food sensitivities, which has renewed my interest in and love of food and eating.

- Robyn

More Energy Now

I was fatigued and sick of feeling unwell. I wanted to change my diet by didn’t know how to do it so I really loved the cooking lessons. The food here has been delicious and everyone is so welcoming and helpful.

By the end of this program my vitality has returned, my mood is uplifted and I’m no longer tired.

- Sherrill


Goodbye Depression

Never in my life have I had so much cleansing. Abide has become very close to my heart as it has transformed my life in many many ways. I’m so much happier now, all the depression has left me, I’m at peace and I’m able to cope with life once more.

- Wendy

Revived in Well-being

I was revived in happiness, joy, well-being, strengthened in spirit…No other place on earth was ever closer to my heart…My wellbeing is strengthened, I feel I can face whatever comes…before we attended this place we were dying.

- Isabella


Better Quality of Life

I needed a break to help me mentally and physically. The food here at Abide has been amazing and what I’ve learnt will help me move forward and get a better quality of life.

- Rose-marie

At Abide® Wellness Retreats, we are dedicated to working together to rejuvenate, soothe, nurture and inspire you towards healthy living!

Our Victorian retreat, while only a short drive from Melbourne in the Yarra Ranges, is a million miles away from the stresses of everyday life—the perfect place to relax and unwind.


Abide Wellness Retreat
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